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   Are the English lessons different if you are in a gymnasium class? Yes, they are! Gymnasium students follow "Cambridge English". From the first day you will only speak English in the lessons. Even if you have not learnt a lot of English at primary school, it is not very difficult. You will start with basic English and the teacher will explain everything in simple words. You will also have our own book, different from the other classes, English in Mind. This book comes straight from England and it is written for young students like you.
  Next to the lessons you will do different activities. You will read interesting books in English, watch films, organize a high tea, follow a cricket lesson, and at the end of the third year you will spend a few days in England. If you want, you can take a famous test, the Cambridge First Certificate in English, so that everybody can see how good your English is!

  Do you listen to a lot of music in English and do you like to know what the lyrics are about? Do you play a lot of computer games and do you sometimes even contact other players all over the world on-line? Do you like to watch American and British films and series and can you follow a bit of what they say? If you like challenges and languages, Cambridge English is for you!


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